Take Justice Campaign

The Take Justice campaign is about helping survivors of physical, mental and sexual abuse take justice against their abuser by using the civil courts to obtain the only form of justice they can. Take Justice is about helping survivors bring claims against their abusers, forcing their abusers to face up to their wrongs by paying financial redress. It is not about the money. Money and compensation will never be enough, it is about holding their abusers to account in court.

Survivors of abuse have, for too long had to reply on others to achieve any kind of justice. With the recent change in time bar this has given survivors the power to take justice back, to take justice in to their own hands and to take justice for themselves.

Take Justice campaign is supported by Scotland's leading abuse charities, Well Being Scotland and S.A.F.E. (Seek and find everyone).  All of the operators and solicitors who work with Take Justice have years of experience dealing with highly complex legal matters and will be able to answer questions that survivors may have.

All calls and information are treated in the strictest confidence and are dealt with in an understanding and sympathetic manner.

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